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Night Terrors are a small project which is still in development. In the game you play a young man who is faced with horrible nightmares every night. Each level is supposed to present the next night. In these nightmares the young man follows the voice of his dead sister in order to free her spirit. However, the darkness of the young man’s own mind and guilt creates a dark haunted dungeon full of peril and obstacles that he has to overcome in order to escape each dream.

The voice acting has not been recorded yet, and so far this is two very early prototype levels. Due to the lack of explanation in-game so far, this is an ordinary first person controlled game using WASD and the mouse. Use the left mouse button to interact with doors and handles. Avoid the darkness, as the place is haunted by invisible angry spirits that will assault anyone that comes to close. These spirits can be noticed from a distance by their unique ability to turn off the nearby torches that hang on the walls.

This game has been developed in Unity. The graphical assets have been provided by my good friend Jannic Scmidt Knudsen. Everything else, meaning code, implementation, design, audio, etc. has been done by myself.